Court orders 16-year-old boy to take care of his minor live-in-partner and child

The reported case of a minor 16-year-old boy having a child with his live-in partner has stirred quite the media attention. In a court verdict, the court has directed that the 16-year-old minor should look after both his live-in partner and also his son. In a further verdict placed by the court, it was also ordered to the Hilsa Bal Kalyan police officers to deliver a report scrutinizing the well-being of both the minor girl and her infant. This is too. Be done every six months for the next two years until the individual turns eighteen. 

Biharshari: A 16-year-old boy (minor) was organized by the Nalanda Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) principal judge Manvendra Mishra after a string of circumstancesl to take care of his ‘live-in partner’ and the infant that they parented together. The infant right now stands at eight-month-old. The minor was also absolved of charges of kidnapping the minor girl. Reports suggest that the girl who was trapped with the boy is 18-months- older.

The court also directed the parents of the accused to treat the minor girl as their daughter-in-law taking into account the trauma that the teenager must have faced. It also enforced the parents of the accused to look after the infant as their granddaughter. According to the court, all of these criteria need to be fulfilled religiously. The trial that originally started on March 19 concluded on Monday.

Additional public prosecutor Rajesh Pathak claims his amusement to the fact that it is perhaps the first time that a trial has ended in just three days. He also stated that an FIR was filed in the Hilsa police station on February 11, 2019. On July 19, 2020, the minor girl confirmed that she had run away with the accused juvenile to Delhi by her own will.

There she claims that they happily lived there as a couple and willingly had a daughter with her minor lover. Though it is confirmed that though the boy’s acts were punishable by law, he was acquitted keeping in mind three minor lives were dependent on the boy. The three lives consisted of himself, his ‘live-in partner’ and their daughter.

Pathak, while engaging further about the case, was quoted by the Times of India saying that the juvenile was only 14 years of age at the time of committing the crime. The mind then surrendered in court on February 20 this year. He was then sent to a place of safety in Sheikhpura district.

Pathak further added that the parents of the accused minor have agreed to the conditions of the court. The minor girl’s father has also assented to not pursue the case any further. The court has further directed the Hilsa Bal Kalyan police officer to submit a report regarding the well-being of the minor girl and her infant every six months. This is to be continued for the next two years to ensure the well being of all three of them. 

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