IamHere: An App with a Cause

“Sharing is caring” or “give more, get more” are some of the most common quotes, which are quite famous. However, there is an app that does all of this. It is called IamHere. The Joy of Giving Week is approaching, and this time you can celebrate it with the help of the IamHere app. But what is this app? How can we use it? In this article, you will find all this information. Let us begin and know in detail about the IamHere app.

What is the IamHere App?

IamHere is a Bangalore-based hyperlocal social app. The Daan Utsav, otherwise known as the Joy of Giving Week, has led to discussions. It celebrates from 2nd to 8th October every year. With this app, people can connect with NGOs and share resources with them. People will also be able to connect and share their resources easier with NGOs. As rightly said by Naren Kumar, the Co-Founder, and CEO of IamHere, says, ‘We created IamHere to impact society through technology. IamHere connects people within their neighborhoods by bringing hobbies, interests, and small businesses onto the mainstream search. We take this opportunity to expand globally with GuideStar, as this is the first time such collaboration is being conducted. App launched in 2017 and helps people discover and research businesses through GuideStar India (GSI). It is one of the highest and most regarded information repositories for Indian NGOs.This repository has information for more than 8700+ verified NGOs and 1500+ certified NGOs. In addition, this repository can assist the public in identifying how transparent they are or their levels of public accountability and compliance with legal and financial requirements. GuideStar is the company that is responsible for celebrating Giving Tuesday at a global pace within more than 150 countries. Now let us know how you can be a part of the Joy Giving week, and what all you can do from your side.

Is there a way for us to participate in the Joy Giving Week?

The Daan Utsav- Joy of Giving Week- is from the 2nd to 8th October each year. As mentioned earlier, the IamHere app is in partnership with GuideStar India helps people connect with NGOs as well. And the same is going to happen throughout the joy week as we. There would be more than 8700+ NGOs on this app that will help you to donate and enjoy the joy of sharing. People can use this app both to donate and interact with NGOs, which will allow them to gain a deeper understanding of their cause. This app will display all the information regarding the NGO, its location,  the cause supported by them, their future events, and their current events. Interested people can also contribute to this noble cause or be a volunteer of the same. You can easily donate financially through this app. Furthermore, it is an excellent opportunity for people to engage in social campaigns since they can meet the NGOs themselves and understand their support causes. They can organize different types of events with the help of their audience or ask for volunteers. IamHere also partners with Goonj, who can increase his push during Daan Utsav. The live DaanUtsav truck will be available, and people can quickly locate it on the IamHere app.


With this, we conclude our article. We hope that this article has given you a thorough knowledge about the IamHere app and how this app is trying to bring a change to the community. You can also use this app to give back to society. We hope that with this DaanUtsav, you make full use of this app and bring joy to people’s lives. Thank you for giving us your precious time and reading the article till the end.

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